Please join us for the second round of the Stair Quest game workshop! And this time, we will collaborate with photographer, architect Hans Leo Maes.

Date & Time: 01 June, 3-6pm, rain or shine (Bring your umbrella just in case!)

Meeting point | Magic Lanes, Shop 7 Yee Fung Court, Sheung Fung Lane, Sai Ying Pun, HK

What to bring | A fully charged smartphone

Agenda | The workshop will consist of a short tutorial on taking photos of stairs with architect Hans Leo Maes(Link) and an introduction to the workings of the game, then we will set out to play!

“A long, long time ago, there was an epic battle between mighty dragons. Hong Kong’s protective dragon fell and was shattered into more than 3000 pieces. The turned into stone and the dragon’s spirit has since been buried in the stairs of Hong Kong Island”

Stair Quest is an urban game — a game that is played by walking around in the city with your smartphone. Stair Quest is also a serious game: you are helping the Hong Kong Stair Archive project by gathering data on stair culture. Together with Melissa, the lead for the project Hong Kong Stair Archive, you will play the mobile phone game, solve quests, and help free the Spirit Dragon! All ages are welcome.

Stair Quest was designed by Stefan Schmidlin and Mela Kocher, and has been updated by Darcy Christ.

What device do I need to play the game?

You need a recent Android smartphone or an iPhone with a data plan to play. While playing, please make sure that your GPS location services are enabled. It is not possible to play Stair Quest with a computer.

What is the privacy policy?

While you are playing, your location will be tracked, but we do not store any location data on our server other than your stair check-ins. We do, however, use Google Analytics to improve the game experience and track its success. Also, we use Facebook as a login to protect us from spam users, but we do not read your profile information or send data back to Facebook.

By playing this game, you are consenting to allow your anonymized player data (such as in-game content) be used for research related to stairs and Hong Kong’s Stair Culture.

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